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C S 18-07-16



Connecting to Your God-Consciousness

Is Your Pathway to Freedom, to Llove, to Abundance.  

What Marijuana Meditation does
is connect your physical, Personality Self
to the non-physical part of you
that is God Consciousness.  
Your-Higher Self,   
You e-God-Self.  
Regular meditation does the same thing
to a much lesser degree.
Here's the difference.
Meditation opens the door to your God consciousness
Marijuana Meditation Knocks the walls down.

Your Brain Has Been Turned Off
The evil ones have done everything they could to
*   dumb us down,
*   to interrupt our thinking process.
*   to keep humans isolated, alone, mindless, and helpless. 

They use trauma to shock their victims,
to break the thinking process into disconnected pieces,
into compartmentalizing their victim's thinking. process.
Cabal mind control breaks connections.
Marijuana Meditation makes connections

Humans have been subjected to every kind of
mind control that can possibly be imagined.

The Anti-Marijuana War:
The anti-marijuana war is one of their major weapons.
The anti-MJ war is fear-peddling, domestic terrorism.
One of the main objectives of the anti-marijuana-war is
to prevent humans from
waking up and realizing our true nature.

Open Your Mind
Marijuana is mind-expanding.
It enhances creativity.
It inspires people to think outside of
their self-limiting belief boxes.
Marijuana Meditation expands our connections
to who and what we are to the point where
it is much easier for us to realize that
we are God-Beings.

Psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and Ayahuasca
make this connection automatically.
Marijuana does not.
MJ users must make the connection by conscious intention.

Marijuana users are much more difficult to mind control.
Why?  Because marijuana opens neuro-pathways
in the human brain.
This counteracts Cabal mind-control programming.

 Marijuana expands human consciousness and makes connections
that would otherwise not be made
and it exposes users information that is otherwise unknown.

Virtual Reality:
Are you familiar with the term virtual reality?
Virtual reality is a common technique in which
humans put on goggles to see and hear themselves
in a reality that is NOT physically real.
It only  simulates physical reality.
It simulates the mind to believe that the person is in
any of a variety of make-believe experiences.
To the viewer, the experience seems very real.

Another  example is student pilots
sitting in a virtual reality airplane cockpit
where they learn the basics of flying an airplane
while in a completely safe setting,
a setting that appears to be physically real but is not.

Cosmic-Level-Virtual Reality:
Are you aware that human life on Earth
is a multi-sensory, God-created virtual reality?

Physical reality is NOT a physical place made of physical stuff
that we, humans, come along and experience.
Newtonian physics is a Cabal-generated Lie.  

We live in a God-created holographic virtual reality.
God's holographic virtual reality is controlled by consciousness.
Humans are part of the controlling consciousness.

You are an eternal, non-physical, piece, part, aspect of God.
Marijuana Meditation is a tool to assist you in learning
How to live inside of God's Holographic, virtual reality.

It's a tool that assists people to understand that
life on Earth is a grander version of
wearing virtual reality goggles.
It challenges ridged, mindless living.

Our Job:
Our job is to Self-Realize and to assist others to realize that:
*   We are all eternal, non-physical God-Beings.
*   We are all part of a single unified whole.
*   We are all parts, pieces, aspect, representations of
      Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.
*   Separation from God is a lie.
*   Separation from nature is a lie.
*   Separation from our fellow humans is a lie.
*   Scarcity is a lie.    Money is another Lie.

Have you ever experienced a Marijuana Meditation?
I/We find the process opens my mind
way beyond a normal meditation.

Here is just one of several Marijuana Meditations.

When you feel ready, issue the following command:
I hereby direct my Higher-Self
*   to show me only aspects the true nature of reality,
*   to keep me safe, and
*  to guide me into Godly and Lloving experiences, only.

If you can legally do so,
smoke or ingest marijuana in whatever way you normally do.
Sit quietly,
where you will not be disturbed. 
In silence.   No music.

Have a pencil and note pad handy or
an audio recording devise.
When things come into your mind,
make notes otherwise, you'll most likely forget
what you discover in your meditation.

While waiting for the marijuana
to affect your consciousness,
read the first of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove,

If you eat the THC, it takes about 90 minutes
for the MJ to take effect, so plan ahead.
Also note that the effect of the high
from eating MJ is significantly different than smoking
and the high lasts much longer.


Sit quietly and comfortably with your eyes closed.  
Take a deep breath.  
Allow your body to relax.  
Scan through your body.  

Notice any parts of you body that are tense.  
     Allow those muscles to relax.   
Is you jaw relaxed?  
     If not allow it to just be.  
Are your shoulders  relaxed?  /
     Allow them to hang loose.    
Are your arms and hands  relaxed?  
     Slowly, feel the tension flowing out.   
Is you stomach and lower abdomen  relaxed?  
     Allow the muscles to let go.   
Is you lower back relaxed?  
     Allow it to just be.   
Are your legs and feet relaxed?  
     Allow them to relax and rest.    

With your eyes still closed,
take another deep breath.
Focus your attention in your heart area.
Imagine yourself as pink ball of light
    about the size of a volley ball.
Imagine yourself, as that ball of light.
Slide down through you body,
     down your legs and out your feet,
     into Sacred Mother Earth.

Feel your connection to the Earth.
Remember, Earth is a conscious being.
Your body is a part of the Earth.
Feel your body filled with Llove
from our Sacred Mother Earth.

Take one or more  deep breaths,
While holding the Earth energy within you,
bring your consciousness back into your body
and up into your heart.
This keeps you centered, and grounded.

Next imagine yourself as that ball of light
rising up through your body and out the top of our head.
Imagine yourself as that ball of light
rising higher and higher and
getting bigger and brighter and more powerful.
Take another deep breath and 
feel yourself getting so big that you are
bigger than the building you are in.
Keep getting bigger and brighter,
more Lloving and more powerful
until you are bigger than
the city or community you are in.

Keep getting bigger and brighter,
more Lloving and more powerful
until you are bigger than
the Earth itself.

Notice that your body is still sitting (or lying)
safely and comfortably
waiting for your return. 

Keep getting bigger and brighter,
more Lloving and more powerful
until you are bigger than the entire solar system.

Keep getting bigger and brighter,
more Lloving and more powerful
until you are bigger than the the entire universe.

Keep getting bigger and brighter,
more Lloving and more powerful

until you pass the realms where your ancestors are,
pass  the level of the angels,
pass the laws of the universe,
Take another deep breath and 
feel yourself getting so big that you are
bigger than all the aspects of creation.

Keep getting bigger and brighter,
more Lloving and more powerful
until you are so big you can't get any bigger.
Feel yourself safely in the arms of
Prime Creator Goddess.

Stay there for a moment or two.
Relax.  Just be.
You have reached  the plane of reality that is
the infinite, sum total of all that is.  
Imagine and feel yourself as a part of
and as a part of Creation.

As the observer and in your imagination,
look down at your physical self (your physical body)
as if you were an outside objective observer.  
While holding the feeling of being a non-physical part of Creator,
imagine yourself as the being inside of your physical body, again. 
Feel yourself inside your body.

Now go back into the level where creator is
and imagining yourself as the observer of your physical life,
as the eternal, non-physical part of Creator that you are.  

Alternate between the feelings of being
*   a non-physical, eternal being
     who is part of Creator
*   Your physical, Earth body
     and your personality self.

For several days, practice this process of
taking your consciousness
from one state consciousness to the other.
Take as long as necessary.
Even if it takes several weeks, keep practicing
until you can go back and forth
between these two states of being with ease.  

As you practice, you'll
notice yourself becoming more comfortable
as a blend of the the physical and the non-physical.  
You are actually both at once, but you have forgotten.  
Your job now is to remember.

Once you have learned the basics,
you can make the connections
without having a conversation with yourself.  
You may make your connections
by way of "internal pictures" or
by way of "Feelings."   

You may also notice that
the time it takes you to connect
will become significantly shorter. 
Do the process using the long format
until you are so familiar with the process
that you can do it almost automatically,
until it becomes a natural part of you,
like driving your car,
you don't have to stop and think about what you are dong.  
You just do it. 

Now with your eyes still closed,
wiggle you toes and your fingers
Become aware of your physical self.
Bring your self back into your body

Open your eyes
Take another deep breath and
look at your hand from the consciousnes
of your personality selfcontinue
Now look at yur hand as a non-physical observor.
Alternate between
the doer and the observer.several tomes

Move your hands, your feet, and your entire body.
While holding this dual state of
being both doer and  observer)

Prime Creator Goddess

The Goddess of Marijuana

to teach you more about Llove.

Remember to hold the dual consciousness. 
You are an eternal, non-physical God Being
experiencing life in physical form.

If you are with someone else
who is talking through the meditation
have them make notes of what you have discovered.
If you are alone , make your own notes or recording.

We recommend  Marijuana Meditation
as a group experience.
Remember the teaching of Jesus,
"When two or more are gathered
in my name I am there also
"My name" is another word for God Consciousness,

Why enjoy this process with others.
Because making and sharing
connections with our fellow humans
provides the greatest human happiness.

I choose Consciousness.  
I choose Self-Awareness.
I choose to experience Consciousness.  
I choose to be connected to everything.
Marijuana Meditation is taking the fast track
into a world of self awareness.

After Your experience
Re-read the first of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
Notice the enhanced clarity  of your understanding
regarding the art of giving Llove.

And one other thing:
Marijuana cures Cancer.
Also, imagine all seven chakras connecting in your heart

Author's Note: 
This Marijuana Meditation is NOT copyright.
It given to open source.
It belongs to We-The-People.   
Please copy, distribute, and or publish this article
in any way you choose.

Please remember to acknowledge that
this Marijuana Meditation is first brought to you by
Rev. Robert Cote'  aka Robin FahZoom
and is apart his online book,
Adventures in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   

See how and why
Marijuana plays such an important role
in the dumbing
down   and in   the re-awakening of Humanity

Connecting to your God-Consciousness




C S 18-06-22




You can connect your consciousness
to God-Consciousness
in several ways.
*  with regular meditation
     (without taking any mind-altering subsances)
* with sacred Journeys
   using Marijuana,
   with LSD,
   with psilocybin,  (magic mushrooms)
   with Ayahuasca.

The Goal is to take yourself
on a sacred Journey
into the union of personality self and God-Consciousness


Another way to connect to "Creator,"
is to imagine yourself shrinking down
and entering the core of your heart. 
Continue to become smaller and smaller
until you are so small that
you "step" outside of physical reality and
find yourself in the infinite un-manifested potential
of all that is.  

How to know You Are Connected:  
You may not  feel the connections described below
until you have practiced the above techniques for a while.

One of the ways to know you are connected is,
with your eyes closed,
feel yourself strongly connected to your physical surrounding
and at the same time,  feel yourself rising as if in a fast elevator.   

When you reach the connection to Creator, 
you may see/feel like you just emerged
from a dark place into the sunshine.

It may feel like the feeling you experience
immediately after an  orgasm.  
It may feel like you are rising into a cloud of light
and at the same time you are rising,
you are sitting quietly and that cloud of light
descends from above and fills your entire physical self
with that feel good feeling (Warm fuzzies,  aka FahZoom.)
Every connection is a personal connection and
everybody experiences that connection in their own way.   A
sk Creator to give you a way to know when you are connected.  

How to Practice Connecting to the non-physical world:  

A way to practice this is to
pay attention to what happens as you fall asleep.  
You'll notice that at some point,
you release the strong connection to your physical body.  
As you relax, you'll notice a subtle shift,
similar to the change that occurs
when you push on a stuck door and it finally opens.
In this context, the shift so gentle,
that at first you may not notice it.  

You'll feel like you're floating and at the same time
you'll be fully aware of your physical body.  
You'll be in both worlds at the same time.  
You'll be in the mental state where
the theta brain wave in dominant.  
At this point, what commonly happens is that
we drift away from the physical and fall asleep.  

Instead of just falling asleep,
start noticing when this shift occurs and
hold the dual consciousness as long as you can. 
If you practice this, and with practice,
you'll become able to hold this dual consciousness
for as long as you choose.  
You'll also be able to direct your non-physical self
to whatever, whenever, and wherever you choose.  

Are you aware of the fact that
the famous early twentieth century inventor,
Thomas Edison, used this technique
to find most on his inventions.  
New Ideas are not a creation of the human brain,
They are given to us by Source/ Creator/ God-goddess    

More ways to Connect to the Non-Physical World




C S 18-06-22

Marijuana-Meditation-Gives-Us-Access to


Beingness is
the part of us that just is. 
It's our natural, God-given  state of consciousness.
It's the core of who and what humans are
It's not about thinking.
It's about feelings.
Thinking is an image of who we think we are.
The I Am-Beingness is who and what actually are.

Beingness is the  I  part of I Exist
Beingness is the  I   portion of I Am.
Beingness is the part of you that you refer to
when you tap your chest and say "Me."

Its the beyond-thinking part of self
It's life at the level of Joy and comfort.
It's mostly right brain living primarily in
feelings, tactile sensations, and emotions
At this level of consciusness,
the intellect becomes simply a tool
for directing us to what apart of reality
we choose to experience.

Negative Emotions:
In order to experience
the state of consciousness called Beingness,
we must release our fears and our other negative emotions

Physical Actions:
Beingness is a state of God-Consciousness
where one is in the body
and when actions are called for,
they are done without the mind. 
It's automatic doing,
like walking, like breathing.
Drawing a picture,   Using a tool,     Playing a musical instrument.
In sports, it's being in the zone.
Actions are done without direct, conscious thought..
Actions are done without direct, conscious effort

Notice how often what you do automatically with one hand
must be done consciously with the other hand.
To powerfully get
the mindlessness of beingness,

try signing  your name with your non-dominant hand.

Notice the distinction between thinking
about something and doing it.
This is related to the distinction between effort and allowing
and to going against the current or going with the flow.

Beingness emotions are high vibrations,
Llove, Caring,  Cooperation, Compassion,
Calm,   Relaxed,   Inspired,   At Ease,   Peace of mind
Focused,   Clean,   Clear,   Precise,    Authentic,
Grounded,   Centered,   Complete,    Et Cetera
In order to stay in the high vibration range,
we suggest thay you use
The Satisfaction or Highe Technique.~

All is One.   We are all one, single, eternal divine being.
Everything is connected to everything else
In every action, the well-being of others is always a consideration.

At this level everything can be known.  
One has but to ask and in a millisecond, the answer is there
Synchronicity flows.   Blessings simply show up.
It's like riding first class on the Gravy Train,
big rewards with very little effort.

Paranormal activity:
What in 3d is called extraordinary,
is normal in the state of consciousness known as beingness.
One still need to practice ta learn these skills.  

*   Marijuana Meditation Gives each of us
     access to our own version  of I am Beingness
*   Marijuana Meditation Gives each of us
     the ability to see the absurdity of present -day, Earth life

Using marijuana to enhance one's consciousness,
is like training wheels on a child' bicycle.
You'll soon learn to ride without the MJ training wheels.

5Tom Campbell in Krakow, Poland 14
[VIDEO] Galactic Connection     2:22:00
Beingness:     Begin at 1:23:39
    End at    1:47:25

Begin at  1:55-50           End at  1:58:56

Llove is about giving.
Llove is low entropy coonsciousness

Llove is unconditional. 
If it's not unconditional, it's not Llove.
It's a business deal 
I'll Love you in exchange for you filling my needs.

Remember to read the first of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.  

Marijuana Gives Us Access




C S 18-06-22

Does God Exist?    



Proving or disproving the existence of God
is NOT something you do.
God is something you realize that you already are.

When used properly,
Marijuana Meditation is a powerful realization tool.

Welcome to Fifth Dimension, God Consciousness.

Because going from
third dimension to the Fifth Dimension
is a huge change, we recommend
our simple and easy-for-beginners path.
Start with the First of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove       

Does Gd Exist?




C S 18-07-16

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C S 18-06-22

Outreach Message.   



Do you enjoy the marijuana experience?
Do you mediate?
Let us show you how to combine the two
for a unique, cosmic experience.
What's the difference?
Normal meditation
     opens the door to your God consciousness.
Marijuana Meditation
     knocks the walls down.

Outreach Message




C S 18-06-22

Take me to the

and/ or
take be to how and why
Marijuana plays such an important role
in the dumbing down   and in   the re-awakening of humanity






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