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Adventures in Consciousness 

How to Play

The Earth-Life Game   in 5d  








Welcome to

The First Book   Ever Published in

in Fifth Dimension Style and Format





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How to Best be of Service to All    Replaces    Service to Self    

Fifth Dimension  --  People-to-People Connection Services        
If you are looking for anything relating to 5d,  find it here.

How to Play the Game Called Life      An Overview of Everything 

Conscious Christianity    
The Most Profound Changes
in  Consciousness  and in  Christianity
since Martin Luther sparked The Reformation in 1517.


You are Worthy, Connected,  and  Llovable.   You are Enough 

Potpourri of Truths - Do you Know These Truths?   

Index to All Major TLC-Life-Center Concepts and Web Pages   

Index to Fifth Dimension Consciousness      






Before you begin reading
or studying our websites,
please be aware that
what we offer is life-changing.  
Once you learn the truth,
there's no going back.  

Learn more about can't go back.





   Assessment of
TLC-Life-Center's  Mission 



The TLC-Life-Center's Cosmic Awareness Program 
an extraordinary contribution to humanity
and to
The Great Awakening in Human Consciousness

Our mission is to guide all who ask 
through and then out of 
the third dimension maze of chaos,
misery, and deception
into the Fifth Dimension of Cosmic  Awareness.  

We are all eternal God Beings
who have come here (entered physical form)
to assist    Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess 
as She and we cleanse our Sacred Mother Earth.  

Together we are opening the pathways
to Llove and Light.    

Our job is to bring all
Intentionally-Hidden Truths
back out into the open.   
                                                 Light:    Means Information and Truth

We defeat evil by simply remembering
that we are
It's really that simple.  

We invite you to hold this idea
as a working hypotheses.  
Don't believe it. 
Don't disbelieve it either.

We (the collective we) have taken  on two major tasks.  
First, creating our Fifth Dimension world
anyway we choose it to be, and
second, returning Earth to her pristine state
as a Fifth Dimension version of the Garden of Eden.

In December 2012, Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
opened the door to the Truth (i.e. to the Fifth Dimension).  

December 2012 was a zero point (a trigger point)
that began a series of
step at-a time changes that will continue until
we have created a new reality
called Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

5d is not pre-made.  
We must create it.  
The greatest joy is that
we get to shift ourselves into anything we choose to be and
re-create ourselves anyway we choose.    

The TLC-Life-Center Team is already living in 5d.
We are here to show you how to do likewise.


Compare Third Dimension Books to Fifth Dimension Books:
Fifth Dimension Style and Format
The moment a 3d book leaves the author's hands
on way to the publisher,

it is fixed, immobile, and dead.   
It can no longer be adjusted, adapted,
updated and corrected
No new information can ever be added.
It Is Dead.   Dead.   DEAD!   

In sharp contrast,
a book in 5d style and format is ALIVE!  
It's as alive as its author
It's changeable, renewable, dynamic.  
It can be can be adjusted, adapted,
updated, and corrected
as new information becomes available.    

Are you aware  that
"Adventures In Consciousness"
The First Book   Ever Published in
in Fifth Dimension Style and Format  

The TLC-Life-Center's Family of Websites 
are alive, dynamic,  ever-changing, ever-growing.  
There is no end to creativity, growth, and expansion.

These seemingly simple web pages are guides,
taking viewers from Innocence
to Awareness to Wisdom to Self-Mastery.  

The TLC-Life-Center's Cosmic Awareness Program,
including our Family of Websites,

offers you these new truths in a 5d style and format.   
Our websites offer paths to awakening that  far exceeds
the capacity of physical books.

The information pages provided
on these websites hold  
The Core Truths
required for us to become 
free sovereign human beings.

The information is backed up with undeniable evidence.

For those who have questions,
one-on-one, personal
Cosmic-Awareness Counseling  Consulting  Services
are available. 

This priceless gift of awareness exposes viewers
to the multi-dimensional nature of humanity.   
Its thoroughness, its ease of understanding,
its simplicity, its massive comprehension
are way beyond the capacity 
of other information sources.

And one other note:  
When the original author exits physical form,  
the book remains in the hands of
those with equal talent and so,
the books continue to be alive and dynamic
until the usefulness of offering information
in book formats
has expired.     

Here's Our Challenge:
     If you can show us a better path
     to Truth, Freedom, and Joy,
     show it to us.  
     We'll take it!
       If you can show or tell us anything simpler,
       faster, or more fun, we're listening!

Follow any of the links
at the top of this page and
you'll soon see.
If you're wise,
you'll also experience
what The TLC-Life-Center Team has to offer.       






You are about to read, learn, and
hopefully know four major truths.   

Without at least holding these truths
as untested possibilities,
our websites will be of very little value to you.

You are an eternal, non-physical God-Being
having a human experience.

Physical life is actually a multi-sensory holographic illusion.
We live, move, and are experiencing our beingness
in Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's Cosmic Holograph.  

Humans are Great Creators.

Evil beings have hijacked human consciousness. 
We have been living in
an invisible prison of lies and illusions.

Fortunately, Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
has stepped in and the controllers are being removed.      







1   Major Cosmic-Level Transformations are
        carrying Earth and humanity into
        a delightful, new reality of
        freedom, joy, and abundance for all. 

2  Major pieces of vital information about
        How the Universe Functions
        are now available to humanity
        that were simply unavailable
        only a very few years ago. 

3   Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess has stepped in and
        is cleaning out the evil Cabal that has
        hampered humanity for centuries.  

4   Source/ Creator has opened the door for us
        to enter a new level of reality consciousness
        called the Fifth Dimension.       

5   The Teachings of Jesus
        that were previously ignored are now exposed. 
        The physical body healing process He taught us
        is now available to all.  
        Healing has shifted from pills and doctors 
        to Faith and to knowing the Truth.

All aspects of our websites,   
Our  Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Program
Our Counseling and Consulting services
are either new or freshly updated.
Everything has  been  re-designed
to match the above transformations and
to guide you into the new, joy-filled reality.  


People used to say,
"Human life does not come
with a training manual." 

Well . . .
Now it does!          







Adventures in Consciousness
is bought to you by:

Rev. Robert Cote'  aka Robin FahZoom

Author of
      Adventures into Consciousness~    
Creator of
      5d People to People Connection Services~   

First Minister of
      Conscious Christianity~
Originator & First-Designer of
     FahZoom Town~   
Your Way-Shower for 
     Fifth Dimension Coaching, and Consulting~
Visionary-Creative-Designer of
     5d Foundation/Corporation Business Partnership~


This book and
Rev. Robert Cote's counseling, consulting and training services
are a synthesis, a combination, and a blend 
of everything from everywhere regarding 
freeing one's self from the
Cabal-controlled, 3d, mind prison
and attaining
full consciousness of who and what we are.  

Check out our self-awareness  programs.
Start by finding them online in website format,  
then contact us for one-on-one personal service. 
You'll Llove what we have to offer.  


If you are committed to reaching
Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
plan on about ten weeks (seventy days) of daily study.

Start here:  
How to Play the Game Called Life      An Overview of Everything    

or here

How to Best be of Service to All    Replaces    Service to Self         





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The  TLC-Life-Center  Websites 
and our Cosmic Awareness Training Programs
Are  College-Level Courses
on Human Life.  

If you want a
"Master of Human -Life Degree"
You MUST earn it. 
You earn it by living it.
You live it by learning
The Rules of reality.  

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Robert E.. Coté    aka   Robin FahZoom    Creator and Director      


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