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Welcome to

TLC-Life-Center's Fifth Dimension

Cosmic Awareness Training Program






Five Major, Positive Transformations for Humanity  

1   Major Cosmic-Level Transformations are
        carrying Earth and Humanity into
        a delightful, new reality of
        freedom, joy, and abundance for all. 

2  Major pieces vital information about
        How the Universe Functions
        are now vailable to humanity
        that were simply unavailable
        only a very few  years ago. 

3   Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess has stepped in and
        is cleaning out the evil Cabal that has
        hampered humanity for centuries.  

4   Source/ Creator has opened the door for us
        to enter a new level of reality consciousness
        called the Fifth Dimension.       

5   The Teachings of Jesus
        that were previously ignored are now exposed. 
        The physical body healing process he taught us
        is now available to all.  
        Healing has shifted from pills and doctors 
        to Truth and Faith.

All aspects of our training programs
are either new or freshly updated.
Everything has  been re-designed
to match the above transformations and
to guide you into the new, joy-filled reality. 



Our Job  

ur job  is to bring all
Intentionally Hidden Truths
back out into the open.  

In the next section below,
ou will find some examples
of truths that are presently found
only on our websites.         


Before you begin,
please be aware that
what we offer is life-changing.  
Once you learn the truth,
there's no going back.  

Learn more about can't go back.





   Samples of What We Have to Offer


How to Best be of service to All    Replaces    Service to Self  

Conscious Christianity's    Vortex  of  Health and Healing http://www.TLC333.com/k-5d-vortex-health-healing.html  

You are Worthy, Connected,  and  Llovable.   You are Enough           

Fifth Dimension  --  People-to-People Connection Services
http://www.TLC333.com/k-5d-people-to-people-connections.html          <><><>

How Can I Help?    What Can I do?

Potpourri of Truths - Do you Know these Truths?

Index to All major TLC-Life-Center Concepts and Web Pages   http://www.TLC333.com/i-INDEX-of-content-tlc-life-center-websites.html    <><><>






   Attaining Fifth Dimension Consciousness


Rev. Robert Cote's counseling, consulting and training services
are a synthesis, a combination, and a blend 
of everything from everywhere regarding 
freeing one's self from the
Cabal-controlled 3d prison
and attaining
full consciousness of who and what we are.  

One of the most exciting aspect of his
Training Program is
Fifth Dimension version of
Healing by Faith   
as presented in the Christian Bible by

the previously ignored  and now exposed
The Teachings of Jesus

This concept is known as

Conscious Christianity
It's based upon the undeniable evidence that
Healing Is a Function of Faith.

Find this portion of his training program at


<><><>   <><><>

Rev. Robert Cote' 
First Minister of Conscious Christianity 
The greatest change
in consciousness
and in Christianity
since Martin Luther sparked
The Reformation in 1517

Online, check out our new program
in website format. 
You'll Llove it.  

http://www.TLC333.com/k-counseling-consulting-services.html   . 





   Assessment of
TLC-Life-Center's      Family of Websites 



The TLC-Life-Center's Family of Websites 
are an extraordinary contribution to humanity
and to
The Great Awakening in Human Consciousness

They guide viewers/ readers through
the 3d maze of chaos and deception 
into the connection to everybody'  own
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess-Self.   

Most humans  have spent a life times
seeking answers to seemingly unanswerable questions.
In 2012, Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
opened the door to the Truth.    

The TLC-Life-Center's Family of Websites
offer you these truths in a the 5d style and format
that far exceeds the capacity of physical books.

Unlike  third dimension, physical books
which are fixed,  immobile, and dead
the moment they leave the author 's hand
on way to the publisher,  

The TLC-Life-Center's Family of Websites 
are alive, dynamic,  ever-changing, ever-growing.  
There is no end to creativity, growth, expansion.

These seemingly simple pages are guides,
taking viewers from Innocence
to Awareness to Wisdom to Self-Mastery.  

The information pages provided
on these websites hold  
The Core Truths
required  to become a
free sovereign human being.

The information is backed up with undeniable evidence.

For those who have questions,
one-on-one, personal
Cosmic-Awareness Counseling  Consulting  Services
are available. 

This priceless gift, of awareness exposes viewers
to the multi-dimensional nature of humanity.   
Its thoroughness, it's ease of understanding,
its simplicity, its massive comprehension
are way beyond the capacity 
of other information sources.

Follow any of the links above and
you'll soon see
and if you are wise,
you'll also experience what we have to offer.          





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The  TLC-Life-Center  Websites 
and our Cosmic Awareness Training Programs
Are a College-Level Course
on Human Life.   

Robert E.. Coté    aka   FahZoom    Creator and Director



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