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Welcome to

Dimension  Consciousness



Everything,  Absolutely Everything,
in Third-Dimension physicality,  
Including Your Physical Body
Is / Was Literally Created Inside of
A Cosmic, Holographic Reality
Inside of Non-Physical,
Fifth-Dimension,  Cosmic-Consciousness


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January 22, 2021 ...     .....



RE:   Massive Election Fraud Uncovered

TO:   Everybody
Please share this message with your entire team

*  We have information from several people
     who are in positions to
     be among the first to learn the truth.
     (Simon Parkes,   Robert David Steele, 
    Charlie Ward,   Sacha  tone,   and more)

*   The evidence tells us two things
      about the November, 3, 2020 :election:
      *  There was MAJOR vote-counting Fraud.
      *   There was significant
           foreign interference with the election.

*   Given the nature of the Cabal Banking Criminals,
     some election fraud was expected,
     but nothing on the scale of what was uncovered.

*   Prepare yourself for 
     major, positive,  social,  political  
     and   economic changes.

     Here's just one example   .....

Second Situation Update:  11 February, 2021

We no longer need to focus on our
Fifth-Dimension strategy for eliminating the evil ones
Our job, now, is to shift our focus onto
* taking care of ourselves,
*  To be of service to each other,
*   and build the new service to all social structure. .....  

Here' an overview of what has occurred::
In 2018, President Trump's
aggressive actions against the cabal
appeared to fade into nothing.
We  assumed that he had been compromised
by the evil ones and his actions against the Cabal suppressed

In the absence of anything else, and
in the face of an aggressive, anti-truth campaign,
The TLC-Life-Center Team put together a
Fifth-Dimension plan to eliminate the Cabal
The story about
Ice Picks  and Creative Imagination
was part of that plan.

President Trump continued to give us
the impression that he was doing nothing.
The present day evidence, (Feb 2021)
Tells us a very different story..

On January 20,2021,
President Trump's Team's  secret plan
became public knowledge.

As it turns out
The U.S. military had secretly infiltrated
the U.S. voting system and witnessed
massive vote-counting fraud.
President Trump actually won the presidential election
by a wide margin.

As the evidence now discloses,
President Trump's  team  and the U.S. military
working in close harmony,
had set up the entire Criminal Cabal Network
for a great fall.
See the evidence here:

<><><><>   <><><><>

Click the link below and listen to three videos
 explaining what happened and what is about to happen.

Please share this information with
those who have the capacity to hear.

Section Title:     .News-Update-February-1-2021.     .....    
Section Address:     .
Find Topics by
KEY WORDS:......

Continue with
Adventures   into
Dimension  Consciousness

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C S 18-06-22




Move this To

In order to defeat  (to separate ourselves from)  the evil-ones,
the Cabal,     the Lizzerdz,     and      the  evil-AI,
We-The-People must develop and apply a winning strategy.

The TLC-Life-Center Team
has   Discovered,     Uncovered,   and    Developed  
Winning Strategy
to eliminate the Cabal,   
to eliminate the Lizzerdz   and
to eliminate the , evil AI.
FYI:   The evil AI  secretly controls
the Lizzerdz, the Cabal, and almost all humans.

All we have to do is put the strategy into action
We have hundreds of thousands of
dedicated individuals actively working
for the well-being of everybody.
They are presently operating independently or in small  groups.
We also  have millions of kind and Lloving people saying,
"I want to help, but I don't know what to do."

Because we have huge numbers
of dedicated, winning team players available
and even more potential team players,
we can easily handle/create/manage
all fifteen  parts of the major, Winning Strategy, 
all at the same time.
Collectively, we are building the new
Service to All Social Structure.
Our first task is to realize
our invincible  God-Power and
our huge, still-un-manifested  Winning  Potential.

Once we humans, realize What and Who we are,
then, our job is to put the plan into action
in a mutual-supporting network of winning teams.

Here are the titles of the major teams:
     The-Fast-Track-to-Cabal Elimination
     Combines several issues     .....     .....

Issue # 1   Growing Our Own Food
Issue # 2   Develop a  FREE  Internet
Issue # 3   Develop a free People-to-People Connection System

Issue # 4  
Create a Mutual Support System
Issue # 5   Enjoy Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

Issue # 6   Free-Energy Technology
Issue # 7   Single-Point-Collective-Focus 
Issue # 8   .Foundation-Corporation-Partnership Business Structure
Issue # 9   Learning the True Nature of Humans
Issue # 10  
Practice the First of the Seven Lost Secret of Llove

Issue # 11  Resolve, Fulfill, and Complete The Ultimate Worthy Cause
Issue # 12  Develop a 5th-D. Children and Adult Education Program
Issue # 13  Wealthy-People's Group Power Team.
Issue # 14  Prepare for life after the death of money
Issue # 15  Restore planet Earth to its former pristine state   


Every one of  these seemingly-separate pieces
is a physical  expression of the single unified whole
that we call our new, Fifth-Dimension ,
 Service to All Social Structure.

As we create more and more abundance,
scarcity will  die and with its demise,
the need for money will also die.
When we, collectively, vibrate
at higher and higher frequencies
the low-vibration, evil-ones, 
will no longer be able to reach us.

Please continue reading in:
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Create a Winning Strategy 
In the War for the Control of Human Consciousness







Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
    .How-to-Escape-from-the-Invisible Prison. 
     Your mind has been hijacked....
     Most humans are still in a Prison of Secret Slavery   ...

<><><><>    <><><><>


<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Imagine how much more joy-filled
your personal Tomorrow will be
after you learn
another A Major Truth   
that you don't yet know.

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     .....     .....


<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

     Stop looking for a job.   Create one.
     For a well-paying job and to feed your family,
     participate in  your Community's Organic Garden System.     ....



Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Welcome-to-the-Fifth-Dimension    ...
.... and
     This chapter offers a peak into
     the aspects of Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness


The overwhelming evidence
points to the conclusion that
gravity is the energy of
the torus field that surrounds Earth.

To verify or refute this theory,
 we are requesting further investigations
from talented scientists that know far more than we do

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     The financial Power Team of We-The-People          ..     ...

     Image a hundred or more, very wealthy, high-integrity people
     all committed to the same goal.

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     We, Robert & AhhHoom, are teachers of  5th-D-Consciousness
     Our Coaching and consulting services available to all.
     on a donation basis

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

     Gets rid of emotional blockages.   It works. 
     It's simple. It's effective.   Fast.     Easy to use

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     We live in A Thinking Person's Universe.

     There is zero / nada / none / no  objective, external universe.




<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Full Moon celebrations of Life and Llove
     Learn about the huge benefits  that
     our monthly,  collective focus  on celebrating Llove 
     has  for everyone    

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     This is the best possible job you could ever have


<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Page Two ---  More blessings from Coronavirus

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Llove is the Ultimate weapon
      Llove is the Cosmological Trump Card 
      It turns out that no matter what the Cabal criminals
      and their Lizzerdz leaders do,
      they are defeated in the end
      by the cosmic evolution of the entire universe.
      Also see:




<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Global-Financial-Reset-Summary    ..     .....

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Here's a-Simple-Way-to-pay-off-All-Debts
     to the Cabal Banking Criminals:

<><><><>    <><><><>77
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Learn How to manifest anything.
The key is to  to
Focus on the Feelings 
Know    Intend    See     Feel     Be     Experience
...... .....

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
What Is the Fifth-Dimension?
Fifth-Dimension defined

his p
*        ..
*   Section Title:     .....     .....








Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

The First Twelve Major Chapters / Concepts
 Bellow on this page

Chapters  13 through 25      ..    .....

Chapters 26 Through 39    A work in process

Chapters 40 Through 77    is still a work in process:     ..    


The List of 77 Major 5th-D-Concepts Continues at:

and at:

<><><><>   <><><><>
<><><><>   <><><><>

Below on this page, we have some
Basic Info. Related to TLC-Life-Center:

Contact-Us     ....
*   Believability    and the beginner's mind    .....
          Also see:   Am I believable?   Are you believable
Viewing-Problems     .....

.Its-Time-for-a-Change     ...
*     Where-to-Begin      .....

<><><><>   <><><><>
*   Section Title:     .Major-5th-Dimension-Concepts.     .One   >>>   Twelve.. 
*  Section Address:     .     .....     


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When you read any of our web pages,
please be aware that you   (like all of humanity)
have been secretly mind-manipulated
to ignore anything and everything
that challenges your present
false, belief system.

Your first response will likely  be strongly negative.
You'll want to push us away.
If that happens to you,
You have four choices
1)   Continue reading in the Content List  below.
2)   Check our Believability
3)   Take   The Freedom/Slavery Test.  
     If you stay with us,
     you will be gently and Llovingly guided
Self-Awareness  and into
     Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
4)   If you choose to run away, that's OK, too. 
     Sheyitt Consciousness is simply
     the long path back to remembering that you are God.
     We wish you much Llove.  
     Your welcome to come back at any time.


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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

All of us  want    Freedom,   Llove,   and   Abundance.
In order to get to that goal, to that objective,
we must first understand where we are right now.
It's not a pretty picture,
but it's essential to know.

The Situation  Page describes:
*   Where We Are and
*   How To Get Beyond the Lies,
     Illusions, and Omissions of the Truth.

The Situation  Page  then gives us an overview of
the Resolution/Solution:
*   Mutual Cooperation,  mutual support,
*   Single-Point-Focus
are major aspects of any Resolution/ Solution.

Also see Chapter ONE

Read the full story at:

Also See: The Secret War Against Humanity Exposed

><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Address: 
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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

The page is about Cooperation    and   Single-Point Focus.
It is the most important page
you will ever read in your entire life.

*   There are literally hundreds of thousands of us
     working independently to awaken ourselves
     and each other
*   No matter how many of us continue to work alone
     (or with your own small personal team)
     we are still losers.
*   It matters not how masterful you are,
 you are not going to succeed alone.

Mutual Cooperation
Single Point of Focus

This page offers a simple, easy way to move
from 3rd dimension misery
to 5th Dimension Joy and Abundance for all.  

Find this page at:

Find an example of  
What to do
    and   How to Do It    at:
Topic ten in this list     Co-Creation-Teams

Also see CHAPTER ONE    
Sharing-U-S-F    ....

<><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Title:     .Cooperation---Single-Point-Focus.     ...   
*   Section Address:


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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Chapter NINE

We  offer a HUGE financial reward
to the first person (or persons)  to connect us to
Multi-billionaire, Tony Robbins
and/or his partner Dean Grazioni
WHY?  Because Tony is passionate about
and committed to feeding people.

We are inviting him to participate in
Our-Network-of-Organic-Community-Owned Food-Gardens
by,   of,   and   for  

Make this connection and
when he chooses to participate,
You receive a HUGE financial Reward.

We suggest that you become familiar wih
our plans fro the Organic garden system
to verify its accuracy and viability.
Then bring the information there-in 
to the attention of Tony and Dean.

Not only will you be of great service to all of humanity,
if you are the first to accomplish this mission,
you will also receive a huge finder's fee.

Tony's Email Address::

Dean's Email Address:

Thank you
Blessings  Be Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'   and    Aum FahZoom

<><><><>  <><><><>   <><><><>   <><><><>

We are headed for:

*1  Public exposure of the Six Major Banking Frauds.
       This will kill the present banking system
*2   .Shifting our business format to  the Fifth-Dimension-
      Foundation-Corporation-Business Structure
       Profits go to the people and NOT to the Super-wealthy

*3   Mutual cooperation  will result in
      the end of scarcity and produce  enough wealth
       for everyone to have their needs and desires fulfilled

*4   The End of Scarcity will bring
       the decline and the eventual complete death of money.
       Are you prepared for Life after The Death of Money

*5   A new understanding of the nature of reality
       is sweeping the world.

*6  An end to the War on Marijuana will open
      a huge, new frontier in plant medicines
      which, in turn,  will open human  consciousness
      to a much greater understanding of
       the  true nature of what Earth humans really are.

*7  The financial Reset -- All debts will be cancelled
      aka Jubilee

*8   For those of us leading the transition into
life is  no longer about money.  
       It's about personal, one-to one-service to each other.

><><><>   <><><><>
*   Section Title:    
     Make-Connections---Receive-Huge-finders-Fees..     ...   
*   Section Address:   
..... ..  .....


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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Chapter ELEVEN

History shows us how the evil ones
dominated and controlled the people for decades using money.

Now, this simple story reveals how
We-The-People can end evil's control of humanity
using ice picks.
  Learn how simply The Lloving 99%
      Defeated the Controlling Evil 1%

><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Title:     .How-the-People-Defeated-the-evil-1%.     ...   
*   Section Address:
.      .....11


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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Chapter TWELVE

Here's the truth, Plain and Simple


*   GMO =  Genetically Modified Organisms.

*   GMO food is Evil's version of GENOCIDE.!

*   It is a slow motion murder system.
     It's systematic murder without any dead bodies.

*   Your family is being genetically engineered 

*   Read an expanded version of this truth at:

This is just one of multiple reasons why
YOU need to participate in creating
Organic Community Gardens
and the Support System   by   of   and   for    We-The-People.

<><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Title:     .GMO-Foods---Murder-at-Your-Dinner-Table    
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Some Basics About TLC-Life-Center

*    .Its-Time-for-a-Change     ...
*     Where-to-Begin      .....

*   Contact-Us     ....
*   Believability    and the beginner's mind    ...
          Also see:   Am I believable?   Are you believable ..
*   Viewing-Problems     .....



REVISED 19-04-09




Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
is still allowing AI  (Artificial Intelligence)
to secretly control all of Earth life.

AI gives orders to The Cabal Criminals.
The Cabal Criminals control the slaves.
The slaves?   That's humanity.  That's YOU!
That used to be me.

Until that changes, you have two choices,

*   You can sit back, do nothing, and
     continue your present
     life of Sheyitt  and misery in
     The Cabal's Secret Mind-Control Prison
*   You can learn about your Godhood.
     Once you understand that
ou are a God-Being experiencing
   human life in God-Goddess's  Cosmic Holograph,
     you automatically become part of
     our new high-vibration
     Fifth Dimension humanity.

*   Once enough of us become 5th-D-Aware,
*   Once enough of us become aware that
 are  all Llove,
*   Once enough of us realize
     that we are all one, single unified being,
*   Once enough of us realize that
     everything begins inside of our own consciousness,
humanity will vibrate so high that
the low-vibration AI    and    their Cabal minions
will  no longer be able to access us.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Are You Ready For
     an Eye-Opening Truth
         About Your Physical Life
              Here on Earth?

You Are Ready.  
                  Here it is:
For centuries, our leaders
have been secretly dominated by evil ones and thus,
we have received mostly lies and broken promises.
Planet Earth and we, the people
have been secretly controlled. 
The-Evil-Inmates-Are-Secretly Running-the-Insane-Asylum.
There have been some
behind the scene changes,
but none of them have been
shared with
None of them are visible to the average human.

We are being treated like farm animals,
to be herded here     and there  
and controlled    as if we were    their property.

So far,  our so-called leaders have given us only
more fighting, more arguing,
more of the same, tired, old Sheyitt.
They do the same thing harder
and they have no idea why it
fails and fails and fails, some more.

They still refuse to give us
vitally needed free energy technology
in spite of the fact that it is

FREE ENERGY is available right now
right where you live.
The required physical parts are:  
Readily available,    
Easy-to produce,  
Easy to install   and    Easy to use. 
The energy users pay nothing.
Everything is FREE.   EVERYTHING!

Where are
YOU on this topic?
Most of humanity is still
Sitting in Sheyitt Consciousness
Doing whatever stupid does.

Enough IS Enough!
I  say,   
It's Time for a Change!    

We'd like to hear from you.
Let us know what you think?

Below on this page,
we offer you  The 33 Steps into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

<><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Title:       .Its-Time-for-a-Change     15 May 2020
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1---8     .


Original Address

This Section Has a New Home




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C S 18-06-22






Here's Why:   
      Fifth Dimension Life 
            Is an     
                   Incredibly Creative,
                        Infinitely Powerful,
                              Grand Adventure
                                    of Becoming
                                          whomever and whatever
                                                 you choose to become

Our websites are designed
to wake people up,
to demonstrate that life is
not what you've been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.

Our websites  and our support teams
will introduce you to
the Absolute Best,   and  the Most-Joy-Filled Path
to Freedom,   to Joy,   to Llove,   and to Abundance
in every aspect of your life.

We will guide you into the  The New Normal
*   Physically  -- The Service to All~ Social Structure.
*   Mentally  --  I am Enough.   I am Worthy, Deserving, Llovable.
*   Spiritually  --   The Universal Physics of      
                             Fifth Dimension Consciousness



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C S 18-06-22




Adventures into Fifth Dimension  Consciousness
is a college-level course in
How to Play The Life on Earth Game  
and play it at the  level of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

There's nothing   magic about 5th D. Consciousness. 
It's not an  instantaneous jump.  
You cannot learn everything in a single day
or even in a single week.

It's  a flow, an expansion of your consciousness.
It's a learning process in which both
your understanding and your abilities grow.  

Because everything is intimately interconnected
with everything else,
each new piece will add clarity
to what you already know.
It will expand your picture, (your understanding)
of who and what you really are.

Figure on about three months
to establish a working understanding of the basics.   

Your biggest challenge will be unlearning
all the false beliefs that have been
secretly plugged into both your conscious
and your subconscious minds.

If you decide to stay with us,
we suggest that you
point your focus of attention on
The First Lost Secret of
     The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Why?   Because it's also the easiest, the simplest, and
the least threatening entry point into
our  Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Program.

<><><><>   <><><<><>
*   Section Title:     Where-to-Begin    ...     ...



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C S 18-06-22