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Adventures  In  Consciousness 

How to Play

The Life on Earth Game  
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness  







Welcome to

The First Book   Ever Published in

Fifth Dimension Style and Format





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   Join Us In The Fifth Dimension


Here's Why:   
      Fifth Dimension Life 
            Is an     
                   Incredibly Creative,
                        Infinitely Powerful,
                              Grand Adventure
of Becoming
                                          whomever and whatever
                                                 you choose to become.

When you begin to learn
what the TLC-Life-Center websites can teach you,
you'll soon realize that what we offer
is NOT a picnic in the park with free ice cream. 
Unless you have courage, commitment, an tenacity
don't waste your time here. 

We recommend that you begin with
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Our team will introduce you to
the Absolute Best, Most-Joy-Filled
Path to Freedom, to Joy,
to Llove, and to Abundance
in every aspect of your life

Figure on about three months
to establish a working understanding of the basics
of our social structure's new normal,
Service to All
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

We suggest seven places to start:

***1  Are You Looking for Llove?   Here's How to find it  
         Begin with the First of
         The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~

***2  Conscious Christianity
       Learn how the previously ignored
Teachings of Jesus
           match the Physics of Consciousness

***3   Q-The Plan to Save the World

***4  Marijuana Meditation,
         Normal meditation  opens the door to your God-Self.
         Marijuana Meditation  knocks the walls down. 

***5  Human-Christos--
         Human Beings who Carry Christ Consciousness
         The Human-Christos -- Story and Content Index

***6  Here's why learning
         The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove is
         the best possible job you could ever have.  

***7  See the collective future of Earth Humans.:
         A Visionary's Vision.       

***8   Are you ready for The Big Surprise?
The Antarctic-Ice-Wall-Mystery-Is-Now-Solved~


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***   More about
        Adventures into 5d-Consciusness, 
        about the author, and
        about our intentions.

***   Adventures in 5d-Consciousness
        Book Content --  Words of Wisdom
        A potpourri of messages for the wise.  

To learn what the TLC-Life-Center websites can teach you
this is NOT a picnic in the park with free ice cream. 
Unless you have courage, commitmentm an tenacity
don't waste your time here. 




R. F.     18-03-16

About-the Author-Creator-of--



Rev. Robert Cote' 
aka  Robin AhhHoom FahZoom  

I Hold a conscious connection to my Soul-Self.
Thus together, I am/ we are a Visionary. 

I am, we are a 5th-Dimension Guide and Trainer.
I am/we are a Fifth Dimension Systems Designer.    See Example

We are here on Earth to participate in
the first ever-

Re-Birth of an Entire Planet.

My Job,    My Joy,    My Play
is to be in physical form and to
create prototype designs

that people can choose to use
to build their new 5th-D. world.

May I introduce myself:

I AM/ We Are:
***   Author of
        Adventures  In  Consciousness~    

***   I/We created  the basic design for
        The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge~   

***   Let us show you how Religion & Universal Spirituality are united.
        Conscious Christianity~

***   I am/ we are the originator and designer of

         all seven on FahZoom Town's Districts (aka Specialty Teams).
         FahZoom Town~   

***   Let us show you the pathway to
        Fifth Dimension Consciousness~

***   I/We designed the world's best business structure,
        a Foundation/Corporation-Partnership
that can
         eliminate the need to tax anybody for anything.
         5d Foundation/Corporation Business Partnership~

***   I am we are the psychological-archaeologist,
       the discoverer of,  and  the author of
       The  Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~    Llove
        Source-Creator is teaching
        The Personality-Self  about Llove.
        I am honored to be a Fifth Dimension
        Life-Coach /  Love-Coach /  Consultant ~

***   I/We designed and Created the concept of
       Full-Moon Llove Celebrations~    FM LvC

***   I/We are participators in creating our new future.
        Soon, millions of us will be 
       Living, Lloving , Learning,
       Teaching,. Practicing, and Celebrating
       The  Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~    Llove   

***   I am / we are teachers of Marijuana-Meditation-

***   I am / we are the investigators  who solved 
        The Antarctica Ice-Wall-Mystery~

***   I am / we are  gifted with  highly Creative Imagination
        I am/we are a Visionairy's Vision
        A visionary's Vision~

***   We/I invented The 5d-No-Slip-Clip
        that you have or can soon have in your offices.

***   I/We write universal Truths in an entertaining format

       Example 1  Interview with the devil.
       Example 2   Yoni-Dance Book trilogy~

To read a brief description of
the above-listed websites,   
find them at     


About-the-Book's Author-Creator



C S 18-06-222




All five of the TLC-Life-Center Websites
were built for viewing with Firefox browser.

Only after my websites were well into creation process,
I discovered that 
if you are viewing our websites using Chrome  or Internet Explorer,
the pages are very likely to be screwed up,
with major pieces of text missing. 

 I am one person,
*  working alone,
*   with NO editor or other physical assistance,
*   with zero financial support,
*   using a horribly dysfunction website builder.

*  My personal living environment is very dysfunctional.
*   I am still recovering from 
     severe, psychological abuse as a child.
*   I am seriously visually-handicapped
     and old enough to have great grandchildren.
*   For years, my work, my life,  and my writings have regularly 
     being interfered with by Cabal agents.

Why all  the problems?  
Because the TLC-Life-Center website contents contain
incredibly powerful anti-Cabal truths.

Please read our websites with Firefox.
Ignore typos and screwed up formatting, and
read for content.

     ///   ///

Adieu to the Cabal:
To the Cabal and all your partners in crime,
with compassion and forgivenes~
I/We and the rest of Earth humanity,
we bid you adieu forever.  
We know we are shifting into
the Divine world of Joy, Llove, and abundance for All.

Your future is quite the opposite.
Get ready.  You and your fellow fools
are about to begin to experience
thousands of years on the receiving end of
what you have done to us.
Here in musical format are our final9 words to you.
You don't matter any more.    .














22 November 2018

Please watch this 13 minute video
Q - The Plan to save the World
And then answer this question: 
Are you willing to assist us in bringing to public attention
this video and an equally powerful video
Above Majestic?

If your answer is yes, please go to
and we'll show you several ways you can be of service

Thank you
Rev. Robert Cote'





The  TLC-Life-Center  Websites 
and our Cosmic Awareness Training Programs
Are  College-Level Courses
on Human Life.  

If you want a
"Master of Human -Life Degree"
You MUST earn it. 
You earn it by living it.
You live it by learning
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Robert E. Coté    aka   Robin AhhHoom FahZoom   
Founder, Creator, and Director TLC-Life-Center

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***3  Connect to anyone and everyone..  A-000-000-000
         Connect to anything, everything, 
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