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What is the Cosmic Purpose of the Coronavirus?
To Eliminate the Present, Corrupt, Banking System








We  Are
Robert Cote'    and    AhhHoom FahZoom

Please Come Along with Us on

Our  Adventures  into
Fifth  Dimension  Consciousness

We Have Learned
and Now We Share with you
The Truth About
Who and What Earth-Humans Really Are.


You have at your finger tips, in your own home,
     free access to the greatest library
          the world has ever seen.
               You have an abundance of time.
                   Ask yourself:
                        What am I doing with this awesome opportunity?

                                  This website merely opens the library doors.



C S 18-06-22


Humans Have a Cabal-Installed Disease
known as



We have been lulled into  Frog-Consciousness.
Humanity is in hot water and the temperature
is getting hotter and hotter,every day,
yet nobody seems to notice.
Why?   Because everybody's mind
is being waltzed deeper and deeper
into Do Nothing Consciousness
by the Cabal-controlled mainstream media's
TV propaganda machine.

The major voices of truth
have been erased from the internet

For Example:  
*   Galactic Connection has been reduced to trivia 
*   Abraham-Hicks has been reduced to
     a few small pieces of information
*   David Icke's  pages on the  internet
     have censored to near extinction.

Everything in our lives in becoming more and more controlled
by fewer and fewer controllers,  
AI (Artificial Intelligence)  secretly Controls all of human life.

Under commands from AI,  the fake human,
the Cabal Criminals, have scheduled
about six billion of us to be mass murdered
with those left alive to be slaves,    dinner-time food,
and/or victims for their Satanic rituals.

and nobody is noticing.
WHY?   Because we have been secretly
mind-programmed to falsely believe that
each tiny piece of reality is independent of
all the other little pieces.  
We are programmed to focus on our own little self
and ignore the well-being everybody else.

We are being    strangled,    boiled,    poisoned,  
 and billions of us are scheduled to be mass-murdered
by AI's  humanoid, Cabal agents,
so, if you think what you are doing is more important than
saving what's left of human freedom,
WAKE UP.!  .....
What to do to save yourself and your family
and how to do it
is explained in detail in Chapter One of
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness...




We Have
        Major 5th-D. Concepts
            to Share with You

Below on this page we'll give you
an introduction to the first section of  major chapters
of our ongoing, never-ending, Living Book
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
and then, we'll provide you with a link to each of them.

Find the topic the excites you the most,
work/play with it,  and
notice where it takes you.



Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

The First Twelve Major Chapters / Concepts
 Bellow on this page
The-Twelve-Major-Fifth-Dimension-Concepts      .....

Chapters  13 through 25      ..    .....

Chapters 26 Through 39    A work in process

Chapters 40 Through 77    is still a work in process:     ..    





I/ we  spent the last 55 years
studying, researching, learning, and living
the concepts and principles that we share with you here.

Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Sharing-Unity-Support-Focus  Sharing-U-S-F     .......

     The First major Concept is a winning combination of
                    Mutual-Support      and

     We are presently losing
     the War for the Control of Human Consciousness.

     YOU have a choice:   WAKE UP
     or become one of the unfortunate  people
     who either dies  or becomes a mindless slave..

    The Four Ways of Winning are easy, 
     We simply change our thinking habits  
      and we  engage in New Group Behaviors

The Ultimate Weapon of War
     Remember,  A war of Consciousness
     is   NOT won with low vibration ,third dimension  violence
     It's won with God-level, Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     which is the first cause and prime controller of everything, 
     This is a     NON-violent     War of Consciousness

     We are creating   Peace,   Joy,   Abundance for All.

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Its Cosmic purpose is to bring financial balance to the world
     To End the Six Major Banking Frauds
     This, in turn, will result in the end  of the Cabal criminals
     and their fraudulent banking system.

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Is the Ultimate Cycle-Breaker

    We have found, discovered, uncovered
     and we now expose    to you   and    for you:
GOOD SIDE    The  GOD-SIDE  of the Coronavirus .

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
 The-Ultimate-Worthy-Cause     .
     How to prevent an Easily Preventable,
     Otherwise Inevitable Trillion-Dollar Disaster

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

      We strongly advise you to
      become aware of
     what the evil ones are doing to us Right Now.

<><><><>    <><><><>
dventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     .How-to-Escape-from-the-Invisible Prison
      Your mind has been hijacked....
      Most humans are still in a Prison of Secret Slavery   ...   

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     .Cooperation and Single-Point-Focus.     ...   
     The two most potent concepts ins all of creation,
     Human cooperation and a single-pointof focus.

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     The-Death-of-Both Scarcity-and-Money.     ...   
      Inevitable  --  Unavoidable  --  Coming Soon.

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Life-After-the-Death-of-Money.     ...   
     Are you prepared?   If not, start today.

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     .First-Universal-Law-of-Llove.     ...   
     The way to receive Llove is to
     focus your attention on giving Llove.

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
      The Death of the old is a great blessing
      because it makes room for the new.
      Local-grown, organic food is an ideal place
      to begin creating our future.

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     Stop looking for a job.   Create one.
     For a well-paying job and to feed your family,
     participate in  your Community's Organic Garden System.

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
    .How-the-People-on Planet Rosetta  Defeated-the-Evil-1%.     ...   
      With creative thinking and ice picks.

<><><><>    <><><><>
Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
The three letters, GMO, stand for 
     GMO food is slow-poison food.  
     If you eat it, your family will be genetically engineered 

<><><><>      <><><><>

The List of 77 Major 5th-D-Concepts Continues at:
and at:

<><><><>   <><><><>
<><><><>   <><><><>

Below on this page, we have some
Basic Info. Related to TLC-Life-Center:

Contact-Us     ....
*   Believability    and the beginner's mind    .....
          Also see:   Am I believable?   Are you believable
Viewing-Problems     .....

.Its-Time-for-a-Change     ...
*     Where-to-Begin      .....

<><><><>   <><><><>
*   Section Title:     .The-Twelve-Major-Fifth-Dimension-Concepts.     ... 
*  Section Address:    


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When you read any of our web pages,
please be aware that you   (like all of humanity)
have been secretly mind-manipulated
to ignore anything and everything
that challenges your present
false, belief system.

Your first response will likely  be strongly negative.
You'll want to push us away.
If that happens to you,
You have four choices
1)   Continue reading in the Content List  below.
2)   Check our Believability
3)   Take   The Freedom/Slavery Test.  
     If you stay with us,
     you will be gently and Llovingly guided
Self-Awareness  and into
     Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
4)   If you choose to run away, that's OK, too. 
     Sheyitt Consciousness is simply
     the long path back to remembering that you are God.
     We wish you much Llove.  
     Your welcome to come back at any time.


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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Chapter TWO-A

Coronavirus Is The Ultimate Cycle-Breaker
It Has Huge Blessings in Disguise.

We have found, discovered, uncovered
and we now expose    to you   and    for you:
The  GOOD SIDE    The  GOD-SIDE  of the Coronavirus

><><><>   <><><><>
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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

The Cosmic / Universal purpose of the Coronavirus
         is to Correct Humanities  Financial /Money Imbalances.
         The coronavirus is  EXPOSING 

The Six-Major-Criminal-Banking-Frauds
           We are exposing the present-day,
           Cabal,  Criminal Banking system
           for what it is.

     *   We-The-People now have the opportunity
           to put an end to world's longest running
            Con game and financial Swindle
     This is why the end of Scarcity
     and The death of Money
      are both inevitable and unavoidable

The Cosmic Purpose of the Coronavirus

More on the Cosmic Purpose of the Coronavirus

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*   Section Title:     The-Real-Purpose-of-the-Coronavirus.     ..   
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An Easily
Otherwise Inevitable

Water Disaster

is about to devastate
California, the Nation, and

The Profits of Every Corporation
and Every Business in the Entire Country.

Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

If a major earthquake occurs
in or near San Francisco, California
before a storm-surge barrier is built in the Carquinez Strait,
at the north end of San Francisco Bay,
that earthquake will trigger
a chain of extremely destructive events.  

If we continue to do nothing,
at the end of this chain of events,
*   we will find ourselves in a sever,
     national, and perhaps a worldwide, financial depression.
*   We will experience a social and economic nightmare,
and a financial depression of unprecedented proportions.

The Solution:
to this problem has an incredibly simple.
Build a storm surge barrier
in the Carquinez Strait at the north end of
San Francisco Bay (San Pablo Bay)

Read the full message:
The Ultimate Worthy Cause

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*   Section Title:     The-Ultimate-Worthy-Cause


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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

All of us  want    Freedom,   Llove,   and   Abundance.
In order to get to that goal, to that objective,
we must first understand where we are right now.
It's not a pretty picture,
but it's essential to know.

The Situation  Page describes:
*   Where We Are and
*   How To Get Beyond the Lies,
     Illusions, and Omissions of the Truth.

The Situation  Page  then gives us an overview of
the Resolution/Solution:
*   Mutual Cooperation,  mutual support,
*   Single-Point-Focus
are major aspects of any Resolution/ Solution.

Also see Chapter ONE

Read the full story at:

Also See: The Secret War Against Humanity Exposed

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*   Section Title:     Situation-Update..     ...   
*   Section Address: 
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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

We are in a war
for the control of human consciousness.
In order to win a war of consciousness,
we must first understand that
we (all Earth humans) are 
secretly being controlled  by lies, illusions,
false beliefs, and by the absence of
critically important information.

We can break free by learning the rules regarding
how consciousness functions.

Your subconscious mind
has been secretly programmed
to keep you in unconscious slavery. 
Why  Because your lack of understanding
keeps you in fear, anger, and the like.
Your negative thinking produces food
that keeps  AI (Artificial Intelligence)  functioning.

Here's another  example.  
Your our subconscious mind
has been programmed to cause you
to get sick and die long
before the age of 100 years.

Check the evidence on the page linked-to below
 and examine the evidence in the other pages
linked-to on that page.

><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Title:     .How-to-Escape-from-Your-Prison.     ...   
*   Section Address:
.      .....5


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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

The page is about Cooperation    and   Single-Point Focus.
It is the most important page
you will ever read in your entire life.

*   There are literally hundreds of thousands of us
     working independently to awaken ourselves
     and each other
*   No matter how many of us continue to work alone
     (or with your own small personal team)
     we are still losers.
*   It matters not how masterful you are,
 you are not going to succeed alone.

Mutual Cooperation
Single Point of Focus

This page offers a simple, easy way to move
from 3rd dimension misery
to 5th Dimension Joy and Abundance for all.  

Find this page at:

Find an example of  
What to do
    and   How to Do It    at:
Topic ten in this list     Co-Creation-Teams

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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

*   Cooperation---Single-Point-Focus)
     will create so much abundance
     that scarcity and money will both disappear
     WHY?   Because Money is only valuable
     in a context of scarcity.
*   In a context of abundance,
     money quickly declines in value
     until it becomes useless, worthless,
     dead,    Dead,   DEAD!    and gone forever.

*   The truth about our present banking system
     will kill money

*   Our collective success requires your realization of the truth
     and then sharing your new-found knowledge with others..

*   Please read
 The First message to the very Wealthy

*   Find the full story at:
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge

*   The Death of Money is the core of
     the profound changes that are awaiting humanity.

*   Imagine living in a world of
     so much   Llove   and   Abundance
     that scarcity and money are both
     dead and gone, forever.

><><><>   <><><><>
*   Section Title:     .The-Death-of-Scarcity-and-Money.     ...   
*   Section Address:
.      .....7-A


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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

   Prepare yourself for life in
     world without money?

*   The truth about What and Who Earth-Humans are
     Kills the great lie called Scarcity.

*   The Death of Scarcity
     kills money in all of its forms

The Death of Money
     is inevitable and unavoidable

*   It's Coming Soon

*   Prepare yourself fr the New Normal,
Freedom and Abundance for everyone

Examine Our Path to Freedom:

For an in depth examination of the Evidence:

Read the Outreach Message to Everyone:

Million-Dollar Message to You and to Employees of Wealthy People:
How to receive a  $1,000,000 finder's fee 

><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Title:     .Life-After-the-Death-of-Money.     ...   
*   Section Address:     .
.      .....7-B


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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Chapter EIGHT

The First Universal Law of Llove:
     The Way to Receive Llove
          is to focus your attention on
               Giving Llove

*   It's    Simple,     Direct,    Easy,    Fun to do,  
     and    Extremely Powerful.
*   It's the first thing to begin doing.   
     Start right NOW.!
*   It's the major shift in Human consciousness required
     in order to eliminate
     *   Sheyitt Consciousness
     *   Third-dimension service to Self 
     *   All the Cabal Criminals,  including,
          *   The genetically- altered human known as the Cabal
          *   Their off planet beings known as the Lizzerdz
          *   The Evil IA who indirectly control almost everything.
The First Lost Secret of
         The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove      ....
Also See the Sixth Lost Secret of Llove.
the Sixth Lost Secret First Lost Secret
explains how to put the First Lost Secret into Action

     ...<><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Title:     .First-Universal-Law-of-Llove.     ...   
*   Section Address:     .


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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Chapter NINE

TO:  All  people on the path to Self-Awareness

We ask a favor of you.
and we offer a HUGE financial reward
to thefirst person (or persons)
who accomplish this particular mission.

Help us open the path to real wealth and
infinite abundance for all
Here's our simple request of you.

*1   Multi-billionaire, Tony Robbins
     is passionate about and committed to feeding people.

*2   Our team   ( with much non-physical guidance)
     has designed a  food production system
     that will feed our entire nation
three meals per day to life.

****   Your job is to bring these two separate ideas
     into a single unity.
*     Succeed at this and receive a HUGE financial Reward.

We'd like to show Tony and his partner, Dean Graziosi,
how to significantly enhance and expand the level of success 
at what they are  already experiencing,
but, they're both so busy and so excited
about their present level of successes at online education,
that they have no time o focus on anything else.  
We ask you to assist us to bring to their attention
a well-designed expansion of their services..

Look at the Bigger Picture:

Tony Robins and Dean Graziosi
are on the leading edge of  Cosmic and Global Transformations. 
They just don't yet realize the full scope of the coming  changes
and the powerful potential they have
to exponentially expand their services and
be among the most successful  leaders
among  those who  guide people into
Fifth-Dimension-Freedom-and Abundance-Consciousness.

Would you be willing to examine
the supporting evidence pages linked-to below and
verify their accuracy and viability.
Then bring the information there-in 
to the attention of Tony and Dean.

Not only will you be of great service to all of humanity,
if you are the first to accomplish this mission,
you will also receive a huge finder's fee.

Please forward this entire message 
to all who have shared their wisdom
in Tony and Dean's mastermind programs
 such as their Pivot Program.

TO:   Tony,  Dean, and all their seminar presenters

RE:  Accessing Your Greatest Potential

A huge potentials await you and await all of us,
BUT,   You will not find it
if you think you already know
all you need to know.

Who among you has the courage to be the real leader
Who among you has the courage to
thoroughly examine the evidence linked-to below with an open mind?

If you think Coronavirus  changed your life, 
You haven't seen anything yet..

We are headed for:

*1  Public exposure of the Six Major Banking Frauds.
       This will kill the present banking system
*2   .Shifting our business format to  the Fifth-Dimension-
      Foundation-Corporation-Business Structure
       Profits go to the people and NOT to the Super-wealthy

*3   Mutual cooperation  will result in
      the end of scarcity and produce  enough wealth
       for everyone to have their needs and desires fulfilled

*4   The End of Scarcity will bring
       the decline and the eventual complete death of money.
       Are you prepared for Life after The Death of Money

*5   A new understanding of the nature of reality
       is sweeping the world.

*6  An end to the War on Marijuana will open
      a huge, new frontier in plant medicines
      which, in turn,  will open human  consciousness
      to a much greater understanding of
       the  true nature of what Earth humans really are.

*7  The financial Reset -- All debts will be cancelled
      aka Jubilee

*8   For those of us leading the transition into
life is  no longer about money.  
       It's about personal, one-to one-service to each other.

Here's what we see from watching several
of Tony and Dean's  online programs:
*   They are not yet aware of these trends
      and they DO NOT  yet  REALIZE
     where the changes are taking us.

We, all of us, will be much more successful
 when we figure out that TOTAL cooperation
is the mastermind of success.

Who among you has the courage to be the real leader
Who among you has the courage to
thoroughly examine the evidence with an open mind?

We are inspiring Tony Robins to join us, and together, 
we'll  take his passion for feeding  people
to its next logical level.
All of us, working as teams,
are creating a mutual-support system
of personal and community owned, organic food gardens. 
Local  Organic Gardens are independent pieces in a
national  mutual cooperating and supporting Garden System.

The second reason why tony and Dean
are so powerfully on-top-of Mission-Target
is their education system and
the technology they created to export it to a global audience. 

Monthly full moon celebrations of Life and Love
is the first outreach activity of
the 5th-D. marriage of
Education and Entertainment

If you like    Excitement,    Fulfillment,    Peace,   and     Llove
decide who you choose to be
and how you want to participate.
Then start cleaning up your Sheyitt Consciousness
because you can't keep it with you any more.

><><><>   <><><><>
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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Chapter TEN  

Stop looking for a job.   Create one.
With your family, friends, and/or neighbors,
co-create a piece of the  new
Service to All Social structure.

The most useful and most productive thing you can do
is to participate in the new
Organic-Food, Community-Garden System.

Members of the We-The-People advisory Council
are in the planning stages of
Building a mutually supporting,   national  network of
Support facilities for
Home and Community Garden-Support System, Organic Food Gardens.

This will be Joyful,    Useful,    Profitable,
a job if you're willing to work/play on a winning team
and,  at the same time, feed you family.

*   Get together with some of your local community residents
     and produce fresh,  healthy,   organic food
     for all who choose to participate.

*   Once your local garden group is established,
     the Nation Association
     will invite you to join the network and
     receive support in any of several ways.

*   We will construct at least one, 
    state-of-the-arts green house
     in each participating community's Garden center.

Here's where the money wil come from

*   Decide how you can participate in a way that
     brings you joy and is an activity of service.

*   We intend to do this in every community where the people
     want our program of assistance and support
*   The Garden system and the people support each other.

The local team's garden will be owned and managed 
by the local group of We-The-People.
The local organic garden support facility will be 
part of a national supporting network.

Excess food can be sold
with all profits belonging to the local people
who created the local gardens.

This could be the activity to connect you
to the Llove of your life in a real-life situation.
The Community Food Centers  will also have facilities
for non-work, social activities.

Compare meeting someone
     in a health, day-time environment
          as compared to  meeting someone
i             in a bar or a night club.

We are Creating a 
Community-Owned and Privately-Owned
Organic Garden System
and its national-network of support facilities
by,   of,   and   for   We-The-People

Each participating group will haev a local support facility,
including greenhouses, training centers, free training,
meeting and exchange facilitiesv, free tools, free seesds,
free supplies, and much more.

><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Title:     .Co-Creation-Teams.     ...   
*   Section Address:
.      .....10


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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Chapter ELEVEN

History shows us how the evil ones
dominated and controlled the people for decades using money.

Now, this simple story reveals how
We-The-People can end evil's control of humanity
using ice picks.
  Learn how simply The Lloving 99%
      Defeated the Controlling Evil 1%

><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Title:     .How-the-People-Defeated-the-evil-1%.     ...   
*   Section Address:
.      .....11


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Adventure into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
Chapter TWELVE

Here's the truth, Plain and Simple


*   GMO =  Genetically Modified Organisms.

*   GMO food is Evil's version of GENOCIDE.!

*   It is a slow motion murder system.
     It's systematic murder without any dead bodies.

*   Your family is being genetically engineered 

*   Read an expanded version of this truth at:

This is just one of multiple reasons why
YOU need to participate in creating
Organic Community Gardens
and the Support System   by   of   and   for    We-The-People.

<><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Title:     .GMO-Foods---Murder-at-Your-Dinner-Table    
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Some Basics About TLC-Life-Center

*    .Its-Time-for-a-Change     ...
*     Where-to-Begin      .....

*   Contact-Us     ....
*   Believability    and the beginner's mind    ...
          Also see:   Am I believable?   Are you believable ..
*   Viewing-Problems     .....



REVISED 19-04-09




Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
is still allowing AI  (Artificial Intelligence)
to secretly control all of Earth life.

AI gives orders to The Cabal Criminals.
The Cabal Criminals control the slaves.
The slaves?   That's humanity.  That's YOU!
That used to be me.

Until that changes, you have two choices,

*   You can sit back, do nothing, and
     continue your present
     life of Sheyitt  and misery in
     The Cabal's Secret Mind-Control Prison
*   You can learn about your Godhood.
     Once you understand that
ou are a God-Being experiencing
   human life in God-Goddess's  Cosmic Holograph,
     you automatically become part of
     our new high-vibration
     Fifth Dimension humanity.

*   Once enough of us become 5th-D-Aware,
*   Once enough of us become aware that
 are  all Llove,
*   Once enough of us realize
     that we are all one, single unified being,
*   Once enough of us realize that
     everything begins inside of our own consciousness,
humanity will vibrate so high that
the low-vibration AI    and    their Cabal minions
will  no longer be able to access us.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Are You Ready For
     an Eye-Opening Truth
         About Your Physical Life
              Here on Earth?

You Are Ready.  
                  Here it is:
For centuries, our leaders
have been secretly dominated by evil ones and thus,
we have received mostly lies and broken promises.
Planet Earth and we, the people
have been secretly controlled. 
The-Evil-Inmates-Are-Secretly Running-the-Insane-Asylum.
There have been some
behind the scene changes,
but none of them have been
shared with
None of them are visible to the average human.

We are being treated like farm animals,
to be herded here     and there  
and controlled    as if we were    their property.

So far,  our so-called leaders have given us only
more fighting, more arguing,
more of the same, tired, old Sheyitt.
They do the same thing harder
and they have no idea why it
fails and fails and fails, some more.

They still refuse to give us
vitally needed free energy technology
in spite of the fact that it is

FREE ENERGY is available right now
right where you live.
The required physical parts are:  
Readily available,    
Easy-to produce,  
Easy to install   and    Easy to use. 
The energy users pay nothing.
Everything is FREE.   EVERYTHING!

Where are
YOU on this topic?
Most of humanity is still
Sitting in Sheyitt Consciousness
Doing whatever stupid does.

Enough IS Enough!
I  say,   
It's Time for a Change!    

We'd like to hear from you.
Let us know what you think?

Below on this page,
we offer you  The 33 Steps into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

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Here's Why:   
      Fifth Dimension Life 
            Is an     
                   Incredibly Creative,
                        Infinitely Powerful,
                              Grand Adventure
                                    of Becoming
                                          whomever and whatever
                                                 you choose to become

Our websites are designed
to wake people up,
to demonstrate that life is
not what you've been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.

Our websites  and our support teams
will introduce you to
the Absolute Best,   and  the Most-Joy-Filled Path
to Freedom,   to Joy,   to Llove,   and to Abundance
in every aspect of your life.

We will guide you into the  The New Normal
*   Physically  -- The Service to All~ Social Structure.
*   Mentally  --  I am Enough.   I am Worthy, Deserving, Llovable.
*   Spiritually  --   The Universal Physics of      
                             Fifth Dimension Consciousness






C S 18-06-22




Adventures into Fifth Dimension  Consciousness
is a college-level course in
How to Play The Life on Earth Game  
and play it at the  level of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

There's nothing   magic about 5th D. C.onsciousness. 
It's not an  instantaneous jump.  
You cannot learn everything in a single day
or even in a single week.

It's  a flow, an expansion of your consciousness.
It's a learning process in which both
your understanding and your abilities grow.  

Because everything is intimately interconnected
with everything else,
each new piece will add clarity
to what you already know.
It will expand your picture, (your understanding)
of who and what you really are.

Figure on about three months
to establish a working understanding of the basics.   

Your biggest challenge will be unlearning
all the false beliefs that have been
secretly plugged into both your conscious
and your subconscious minds.

If you decide to stay with us,
we suggest that you
point your focus of attention on
The First Lost Secret of
     The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Why?   Because it's also the easiest, the simplest, and
the least threatening entry point into
our  Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Program.






C S 18-06-22










C S 18-06-22




Let us begin with a simple basic truth.

For each of us, our understanding of
The Nature of Earth-Plane Reality

is based upon our level of knowledge.

Are you aware that there are vast amounts of information
that you (that all of us) simply don't yet know?

Consciousness is the king, the ruler, the ultimate controller.
Information        Knowledge       Wisdom
 are the tools of Consciousness

is the content

Knowledge is our collections of information.

is knowing how to use/ apply
the knowledge we have,
within the Context in which we find oourselves,
while knowing that there is much still unknown
and much more to learn.

As each new piece of information
comes into our consciousness,
our perception, our understanding  
of what constitutes reality

changes, expands, and grows bigger. 
In this evolutionary process, 
we each see Earth-life in our own unique way.

We encourage you to
look at each piece of new information with an open mind.
Examine each piece of evidence before saying,
"This is impossible." 
Ask yourself and then answer these five questions:
*   How do I know what I claim to know?
*   The knowledge I claim to know, where did it come from?
     Is it evidence-based or is it someone else's story?
*   How do I know what is possible and what is NOT possible?
*   Why do I believe whatever it is that I believe?  
*   What am I not seeing here?"

Are you preparing for The New Normal?
If not,   now is the time to begin getting ready. 
Because Earth humanity is in the process of
creating/shifting into
a vastly-expanded  understanding of reality.

If you are wise, you will prepare yourself.
If you do, you will be
filled with joy and you will be with us
at the head of this shift in consciousness
rather than being grudgingly dragged along
at or under the tail.

The change from
our present-day, very limited understanding of reality
to full     Fifth Dimension Consciousness
is dramatic, breath-taking,
and so far beyond most people's understanding
that the first reaction is
"This can't be real.  The author must be crazy."

We request that you view our websites
from the perspective of The Beginner's Mind.
Don't believe any of this.    Don't disbelieve it either.
Hold judgment until your level of knowledge
is expanded by the evidence.

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And One Additional Factor to Consider:
Some consider my writings as ranting's of a crazy old fool.
Remember, crazy is a term related intimately to
the context it is in.   For example:
     In a society of lunatics,
     A sane person is considered to be crazy.

Reference 1:   The Inmates Are Running the Insane Asylum

Reference 2:  God Is My Grandfather   
Before you dismiss me as just another lunatic,
you might want to read this brief story.  
Why read it?   Because God may be your grandfather, too.

Reference 3:   Believability
   http:///          Believability






C S 18-06-222




All five of the TLC-Life-Center Websites
were built for viewing with the Firefox browser.

Our five websites were well into their creation process,
when I discovered that 
if you are viewing our websites using Chrome  or Internet Explorer,
the pages may show up as normal, but,
very likely will appear to be screwed up:
*   Changes in font size, 
*   Excessive bold,
*   Excessive italics,
*   Excessive underlining
*   Double letters at the end of words,
*   Blocks of text repeated or missing, and
*   Major pieces of text may be completely missing. 

 I am one person,
*  working alone,
*   with NO editor or other physical assistance,
*   with zero financial support,
*   using a horribly dysfunction website builder.

*  My personal living environment is very dysfunctional.
*   I am still recovering from 
     severe, psychological abuse as a child.
*   I am seriously visually-handicapped
     and old enough to have great, great grandchildren.
*   For years, my work, my life, and my writings have regularly 
     being interfered with by Cabal agents.

Why all  the problems?  
Because the TLC-Life-Center website contents contain
incredibly powerful anti-Cabal truths.

For best results,
please be wise enough to
*   Read our websites with Firefox.
*   Ignore the typos,
*   Ignore the grammatical errors,
*   Ignore the screwed up formatting,

Examine the evidence that my five websites have to offer you .
     ///   ///

Adieu to the Cabal:
To the Cabal and all your partners in crime,
with compassion and forgiveness~ we say:
     I/We and the rest of Earth humanity,
     we bid you adieu forever.  
     We know we are shifting into
     the Divine world of Joy, Llove, and Abundance for All.

Your future and the future of your fellow evil ones
is quite the opposite of the future of We-The-People.

Get ready.  You and your fellow fools
are about to begin to experience
thousands of years on the receiving end of
what you have done to us.
Here in musical format are our final words to you.

Buddy Holly -- It Doesn't Matter Anymore - YouTube        







C S 18-06-22




This Topic has  New home :






C S 18-06-22

Take me to the
The First of  
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove    






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 A-000-000-001     A-000-000-001

The  TLC-Life-Center  Websites 
and our Cosmic Awareness Training Programs
Are  College-Level Courses
on Human Life.  

If you choose to be a Master of Human Life
You MUST earn it. 
You earn it by living it.
You live it by learning
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~ 

Robert E. Coté    aka   Robin AhhHoom FahZoom   
Founder, Creator, and Director TLC-Life-Center

This Website's Address:   

This website and all other TLC-Life Center websites
are brought to you courtesy of The Life Center 
aka   TLC-Life-Center.  
The information contained herein
is for entertainment and for information purposes only.   |

Users assume any and all risks associated with the use of
any and all content of TLC-Life-Center websites.  
In no event shall the Life Center or its affiliates
be liable in any way for any direct or indirect,
punitive, implied, special, incidental, or
other consequential damages arising
directly or indirectly from the use of
any information contained in TLC-Life-Center websites.  
TLC-Life-Center websites are provided "as is" with no express
or implied warranties of any kind.








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