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Adventures  In  5d  Consciousness 

How to Play

The Earth-Life Game   in 5d  








Welcome to

The First Book   Ever Published in

Fifth Dimension Style and Format



   Join us in The Fifth Dimension


Here's Why:   
      Fifth Dimension Life 
            Is an     
                   Incredibly Creative,
                        Infinitely Powerful
                              Grand Adventure
                                    of Becoming

We are Becoming
Conscious of the
non-physical portion of
and then
We are Becoming aware of Ourselves
inside a consciousness game,

I, We, You and
everyone else,
we are all
pieces/ parts/ aspects/ perspectives of 





R. F.     18-03-16


About-the-Book's Author-Creator


Rev. Robert Cote' 
aka Robin FahZoom.  
I Am a Visionairy.
I am a 5d Systems Designer 

I am here to participate in
the first ever-
Re-Birth of an Entire Planet: 
      Earth  of  the Fifth Dimension
        aka      5d Consciousness  

My job,    My Joy,    My Play
is to be in physical form and to
Create Prototype Designs,
that can be used
to build our new 5d world.

May I introduce myself

Author of
      Adventures  In  Consciousness~    
Creator of
      5d People to People Connection Services~   

First Minister of
      Conscious Christianity~
Originator & First-Designer of
     FahZoom Town~   
Your Way-Shower for 
     Fifth Dimension Coaching, and Consulting~
Visionary-Creative-Designer of
     5d Foundation/Corporation Business Partnership~

Director of Learning, Becoming, and Experiencing
     The  Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
Creator, Finder, and First Designer of
     Full-Moon Llove Celebrations  
     Celebrating the Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~     

Contact:                                                                        . . .    Contact

See a brief escription of
the above listed websites
below on this page.       






         Are you aware that
         when we reach full
         Fifth Dimension Consciousness,~
         we can adjust our physical form
         in any way we choose.   

         This picture was taken in 1969.  

         It is a close approximation of
         what I will look like in
         my full Fifth Dimension form.   

       I AM,  
       A Student of Becoming.

         I choose to become
         a role model,
         and an example
         of a human being
         living on Earth as a

Adventures  In  Consciousness
Is a Work in Process

Everything on the
Family of Websites
was written by your
guide and way-shower
Rev. Robert Cote' 
aka  Robin FahZoom. 

A year after  my
Cabal-induced Crash of 2015,
I was able to begin  
rebuilding my life
and my websites.
I restarted with 
as close to nothing
as one could have
and still be functional.

This book, 
Adventures into Consciousness,
is the product of about
two and a half  years  of work
under adverse circumstances.  

It's still far from complete.  
You'll find many pages
that are obviously incomplete.  

Today, March 2017
New information is coming to me
so fast and so frequently
that it's impossible for me
to get it all online
in presentable format
without assistance.  

Much of my old formatting
requires updating, and significant pieces are not yet back online.   Because much of my writing
is published unedited, you'll find
an over-abundance of typos.      





Before you begin reading
or studying our websites,
please be aware that
what we offer is life-changing.  
Once you learn the truth,
there's no going back.  

Learn more about can't go back.








Learning, Becoming, and Experiencing
The  Seven Lost Secrets of heart-based Llove

Full moon celebrations of Llove
Celebrating the Seven Lost Secrets of Llove~     

How to Best be of Service to All   
Replaces    Service to Self    

Fifth Dimension  --  People-to-People Connection Services    
If you are looking for anything relating to 5d,  find it here..

How to Play the Game Called Life       An Overview of Everythingg 

You are Worthy, Connected,  and  Llovable.   You are Enough  

Conscious Christianity     
The Most Profound Changes
in  Consciousness  and in  Christianityy
since Martin Luther sparked The Reformation in 1517.   

Potpourri of Truths - Do you Know These Truths?Potpourri of Truths - Do you Know These Truths?   

Index to All Major TLC-Life-Center Concepts and Web Pagess   

Index to Fifth Dimension Consciousnesss       




R. F. 


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         Remembering the Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
         Creating monthly Full-Moon Celebrations of Llove
         Remembering your Forgotten Godhood

         *   We are having fun  
         *   We are creating every kind of wealth you can ever imagine.
         *   We are Celebrating Llove 

         Our team is creating a
         Fifth Dimension

         This new lifestyle will make everybody  so wealthy that
         within two years,  We Will Put Money Out of Business.
         There will be so much abundance
         that everything will be FREE!

         Our next step is to Physically create monthly
         Full-Moon Celebrations of Llove.  

         Join the Celebration.   Become wealthy with us .   

         This is the home page of  
         Adventures  In  5d  Consciousness,
The first book   ever published in
          in fifth dimension style and format


         This page reveals the third of the
         The Seven Lost Secret of Llove. 
         This secret is so amazing that
        you'll think we are lost, crazy fools
         until you examine
         The Physic of Consciousness.

         As you well know,
         our greatest resource is Each other
         This website will connect you to 
         Anyone, everyone  and anything
         related to the Fifth Dimention.

         This page describes The Physics of Consciusness
         Life is NOT magic. 
         It simply follows a set of clears immutable laws.
         based upon the principles of physics. 
         Here's just on example

         Sex and  the Living Library od cosmic knowlegdge
         Planet Earth was intended to be
         and is now back on  the path to becoming
         the Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.   

         The 12 strand DNA
         is being reinstalled in our human bodies.  
         When this process is completed,
         human emotional power
        will become heart-centered.

         Lloving, caring, compassionate
         and passionate sexual sharing
         will open the door to the living library.  

       Accessing the Living Library requires
       achieving extended, high states of orgasmic bliss.  

To continue the prohibition against marijuana
        is absolute, total, and complete insanity!   

         Here's just one reason:  
         Thanks to marijuana, cancer is no longer a deadly disease.

         We've listed about 27 additional reasons.
         If you have and negative buttons against marijuana,
         we challenge you to read this page and
         still keep believing the cabal lies about marijuana. 

         And one other thing. 
         Legalizing marijuana will open the door to legalizing hemp. 
         Hemp is a multi-BILLION dollar industry
         just waiting to be created

         I spent years in real estate and as general contracor.  
         I am the ideal person live on site and to oversee
         the care and maintenance of your estate property. 

         Conscious Christianity
         Is The Most profound Change in 
  and in  Christianity
         since Martin Luther sparked The Reformation in 1517.

         The previously-ignored Teaching of Jesus
         tell us that humans are God-Beings.  

         The Secular Scientific Physics of Consciousness~
          tell us that humans are God-Beings

         They are both based upon
         exactly the same basic principles.

         The Hybrid, Foundation/ Corporation Partnership 
         is a Fifth Dimension Business Structure.

        It's by far, the best economic revitalization process
        ever proposed by anyone, anywhere.

         This simple to implement
Win-Win Business Structure 
         will dramatically change the entire  world.
         For example, It will completely eliminate
         taxing the people for anything!   
         It will profoundly improve your life.     

         A spiritual Journey  is the act of
         altering one's consciousness
         with the intention of experiencing 
         the non-physical aspect of life.   
        This is commonly done with mind-expanding medicine.  

         Marijuana, when used properly  is
         an excellent mind-expanding medicine
         Many of my most profound  ideas came to me
         while on a spiritual journey after eating marijuana.  
         To see some examples click the link above. 

         Invite me to be your guide
       Let's find our what profound visions
       you can bring back to your physical world.


UWoW~   F
         Do you know why Earth life
         has been such a challenge?  







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You live it by learning
The Rules of reality.  

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