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Adventures  In  Consciousness 

How to Play

The Life on Earth Game  
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness  







Welcome to

The First Book   Ever Published in

Fifth Dimension Style and Format


   Join Us In The Fifth Dimension


Here's Why:   
      Fifth Dimension Life 
            Is an     
                   Incredibly Creative,
                        Infinitely Powerful,
                              Grand Adventure
of Becoming
                                          whomever and whatever
                                                 you choose to become.

We recommend that you begin with
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Our team will introduce you to
the Absolute Best, Most Joy-Filled
Path to Freedom, to Joy,
to Llove, and to Abundance
in every aspect of your life

Figure on about three months
to establish a working understanding of the basics
of our social structure's new normal,
Service to All
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Here's our Mission Statement ~
for The Seven Lost Secrets of LLove  

We suggest five places to start:
***1  Start learning here:  
         The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~

***2  Here's why learning
         The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove is
         the best possible job you could ever have.  

***3  See Our Collective Future:
         A Visionary's Vision.       

***4  Are you ready for The Big Surprise?
         It's about to change everybody's life.
         It's here waiting for you

***5  Human-Christos--Human Beings
         who Carry Christ Consciousness
         The Human-Christos Story

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***   More about
        Adventures into 5d-Consciusness, 
        about the author, and
        about our intentions.

***   Adventures in 5d-Consciousness
        Book Content --  Words of Wisdom
        A potpourri of messages for the wise.      












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on Human Life.  

If you want a
"Master of Human -Life Degree"
You MUST earn it. 
You earn it by living it.
You live it by learning
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

Robert E. Coté    aka   AhhHoom FahZoom    Creator and Director

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